Just a really quick one because as with all Hilton’s they charge a pretty penny for this service (10 pennies a minute..in English pennies)…we are staying at the airport Hilton because we are off very early 4:30am check in tomorrow for Austria…

Wales was fabulous…amazing walking and hiking(Mt Snowdonia is where Sir Edmund Hillary trained for his Everest climb)…both of which I was unable to do because this trip to Wales was for a genealogy hunt…very successful…love the castles but must say the family has let them fall into mighty disrepair!!! (:

Found out we are related to….Bill Clinton!!! I know what most of you are thinking…’That explains everything!!!”

But we learned a lot more…What has been striking is that most Welsh have NO knowledge of their own country’s history…they were only taught British history in school. There is a huge resurgence of the Welsh culture and you see it in the north where the sign says “colonists get out”…and Welsh is their first language…The countryside is spectacular and the villages are wonderful…we stayed in a hotel that was built in 1329…it was an Abbey and it is attached to a wonderful cemetery…and you all know how I love cemeteries!…although I am saddened to report that there were no ghosts…at least none that bothered to say Hi to us…I am loving the driving now…and the roads are the best I have ever seen…even during harsh downpour you don’t slide around…they are quite porous..and I love the round abouts…no traffic lights and If you miss your turn off, you just keep going round and round…I think Tucker got dizzy a few times…He admitted today that I finally scared him in the car…I was going 100 miles during a rainstorm…but it was a straightaway and I was just keeping up with traffic!!!

Anyway, Wales is a big must see…St Davids Cathedral(where one of my Grandfathers…37 generations back is buried) is spectacular…as are many of the cathedrals and castles…

Well tomorrow we will be in Salzburg and I am looking forward to seeing some sun and have bit more warmth…we have been lucky on most days it has not rained too much but it has been dreary…

Off to Europe!

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