Here we are on our lovely genealogy trek in Wales…with a short stop in London. I will say that I would not recommend flying Virgin anytime soon unless being packed in like sardines works for you. It used to be one of my favorite airlines…not so anymore..! think Mr Branson probably has been in that Hot air balloon too long!

London was great..short but fun…had lunch with Patrick of JPN(film producer)..we were as they say quite “Knackered” when we arrived so our conversation left much to be desired…Tucker, my brother, and I travel very well together…which probably would surprise our parents if they were still alive…since Tucker & I were at each others throats much of our childhood. That seems to be very old history now. We are very similar in our must see activities…yes, we did get lost but like me, he looked at it as an adventure…While in London, we, of course, did the “DaVinci Code” thing and visited the Temple church. It’s a great medieval church with wonderful tombstones in the floor …we walked and walked as London always beckons us to do…we visited areas I had not been before…we didn’t do the typical tourist trip…

I am successfully managing to drive on the left and work the stick shift with my left hand(since the seat is on the right). I am proud that Tucker has let me drive…considering the last time he ever let me drive was when I was 16 and he was teaching me how to drive a stick! I can honestly say this is a much more enjoyable experience and he has been quite brave…he even sleeps while I barrel down the road at 75 MPH on very narrow roads…yes, that is the norm and if I don’t, I will get run off …The Welsh LIKE to drive fast and furiously…but then again so do I… I just wish the roads were a bit wider and not so curvy…anyway…we have been castling and cathedralling.

We are experiencing typical British weather…rainy and dreary…but perfect for the imagination while wondering the ruins of “Family” castles…We are staying at a very nice Sheep farm …One thing that is quite interesting is that the Welsh are trying to regain their native language and we find some parts speak welsh as a first language…al! signs are in English and welsh…The goal is that in 10 years welsh will be the first language…the Welsh, as a people, are very friendly but seem to lack a sense of their own history. It is tied so closely with England that they neglect their own..I hope that changes as they develop their language…tomorrow we head west to St. David’s(on the coast)…it’s the Harley Davidson festival and a bank holiday so the roads should be a fun experience…(! will write more of Wales at the end of our stay here…until then Wela I chi and Hwyl fawr

That means See you later and Goodbye

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