To Reykjavik to Celebrate Iceland’s Independence Day!

Today started in Snaefellsnes with a lovely breakfast with a German couple and a woman from Switzerland and another from France...once again, wonderful conversations...then I headed out expecting to do some more hiking but the weather had other plans...If I wasn't heading to Greenland to hike, I would have toughed it out and hiked in … Continue reading To Reykjavik to Celebrate Iceland’s Independence Day!


Today started with a lively breakfast at the Guest House in Stykkishomur. We were a family from Ireland, a couple from Toronto, a couple from Spain and me. The discussion ranged from travel to Geo Politics. That is one of my favorite things on trips like this...meeting people from different countries and hearing their prospective … Continue reading Snaefellsnes

Myvatn Iceland

This is the part of Iceland that is geared more for tourism and has all sorts of activities set...The East is far more wild and less populated...and there is a feeling of super'll see one house for miles and it is  far more populated...Now, having said that, this area is still very sparse...keep … Continue reading Myvatn Iceland