The East FJords of Iceland

Last night I enjoyed a sweet and light Icelandic dinner of Potato and Rosemary soup with a starter course of Lamb carpaccio…I did not enjoy the lamb but ate it all as a good guest would…I can not say whether the issue was taste or the fact I spent the day watching all those cute sheep!

Today started off well…that is until I discovered I had left both my laptop and kindle(with my must desired Dan Brown book) back at the lovely guest house last night…yep, spent the whole day driving and did not realize it until  I arrived after 7 long and rather treacherous hours driving through serious fog on a road akin to the Pacific Coast Hwy and a lovely Glacier pass…yep no going back…soooo I called them and to my amazement they did have both…so with my credit card in hand, I am donating even more money to the economy of Iceland in hopes to have them arrive at my guest house either tomorrow or the next day(thank goodness I am there for 2 nights)…I am typing a quick blog at a wonderful bookstore that has free internet with a computer! I will be eating here! Please forgive any typos…this has an Icelandic keyboard…

Today was a primarily driving day…which suited me fine since yesterday,I hiked my little feet off…and thought a nice drive would be welcoming…as usual, the fog was low and the driving a bit slow in the am…but I could see the sun peeking through…little did I know that I was heading into even more dense stuff on the coast…

Before I describe the beautiful drive, I wanted to answer a couple of questions I have gotten…The reason Icebergs have the black areas on them is because as the 2 glacier fields(in the case of the pictures I posted) come together they scrape the side of the mountain and this allows dirt on them…also, in the case of Iceland, there is still residual ash from the volcano that erupted a couple of years ago.

The lovely houses set into the hillside are from many years ago in the early centuries when Iceland had very little building supplies…and the farmers were poor so they could not afford to import any…therefore they carved into the mountain and placed their homes, all but the front roof, into the mountainside. Many of these still exist today…

BTW Iceland is known for fabulous bird watching…especially in the South and the East…but the fog has not allowed me to see very much…I especially am sad I have not seen a Puffin…Maybe tomorrow.

The drive here was spectacular…even with the thick fog…speaking of fog, I used it to my advantage today…for a strategic reason…if you remember what I mean from yesterdays blog…a thick fog and a good car positioning can come in handy when there are no facilities ever!

I have enjoyed several small coastal villages with charming homes. I walked to the sea in one and inhaled the flavor of the cold sea air…so fresh…

Because of the long drive I had in front of me, I needed to put some fuel in the car since God knows when I would see the next station…I think I may have redeemed my National Pride by helping a Frenchman with the fuel pump…seeing I am an old pro now! (-:

The drive on the coastal road was a bit dicey at times…twisty like the Pacific Coast hwy in Calf….the fog so thick and the road quite windy and an unknown drop to the right…the signs with cars falling off the road were also a bit disconcerting…I chaulk them up with the signs they have with stick figures toppling off the ridges or roads too…I am afraid to look down off the ledges…there may be piles of bodies and cars! (-:

Most of the road was very good except several miles of still unpaved gravel…I must say, Iceland’s roads are very well maintained…especially considering the freezing temps this place gets.

Once I left the coast(actually still near it) and headed into the Fjord area(here now and will see some more later today)…I drove through and amazingly long tunnel…I will say for those with space issues, this would be difficult…even I was getting a little itchy…I was quite content to have a car in front of me….and thrilled when I saw one passing since that meant there really was another end! Once out, the sun was shining(I entered in fog) and suddenly I was driving through these amazing Glaciers…I got out to take some pictures and was blown away by how cold it was…easily in the 20’s. I took great pics but they will have to wait until I get my computer since all my good pictures are on my camera…if you are on my FB then you can see some of my iphone pics.

Well I am on my way to check out some more towns and Fjords…will report back in a couple of days unless I can find another Internet Kaffe!

One thought on “The East FJords of Iceland

  1. Nora says:

    So glad they can get your laptop & Kindle to you!!!! Thanks on the hill houses info. I’m sure a group of Puffins will show up for you eventually.

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