Iceland East Fjords Part 2

This guest house has a communal computer…yay…Ok so when I last left you, I was on my way to the Seydisfjordur Fjord, which is the larget in Iceland. I headed up the mountain with expectations of enjoying a little tea in a lovely little village that sits on the Fjord…but what awaited me something different.  Those of you on facebook are already privy to the details of this little adventure….I even have shared a little video and some pics…unfortunately I am unable to post any pictures until I get my computer back…which I am told will arrive here tomorrow…fingers crossed! OK back to my story…so I ignorantly head up the mpuntain while pausing to snap pictures along the way…I do many through the front windshield since it can be almost impossible to stop since there are no shoulders… I fear many little window shield dots will pepper some shots…oh my God, I keep digressing…OK back on the mountain…well once the road semi levels off, it starts going between what looks like 2 huge glacier fields…but most likely it is just one that they stuck this road in…As I am driving, I am enjoying the stark beauty of the white snow that is speckled with black rock and various pools of water where the ice is beginning to melt for summer…I stop…take some pictures…since no one seems to be on this road…the great thing about Iceland is that you can see quite a distance and that helps to determine if itś safe to stop to take pictures…I am constantly jumping out like a jack rabbit and snapping away…barely looking into the camera since my bigger concern is any possible cars coming either way…but thandkfully none…so I get back in and head out on my merry waytoward the town and Fjord…I think…..and almost without warning this huge white fog envelopes me…so much that I can’t see ANYTHING…Since there is NO shoulder…itś a Glacier on either side…which means ice…and ice that is melting and would not support me much less my car…so what do I do…I can’t stop in case another car would come up and hit me…but I also can’t see much going forward…to I creep….and creep a little more…and then…well my news background comes back and I grap my iphone and hold it with my driving hand(no I am not looking into it…just holding it and hope it gets this)… I had to record this event…I am not sure if I did it to celebrate my hopeful achievement through this mess OR as a possible last moment…Lol…..what matters is that no one told me what a mess this pass was…what were these people who recommended this thinking…a woman from Florida…who rarely sees snow…and knows zippo about driving in mountain fog….well as I am sifting through, slowly but surely, I have Billy Joel blaring on the radio…no better way to go out…(-;   When I decided that my beating heart was louder than the music, that is when I saw 2 barely visible lights coming at me…oddly it came as a relief that someone else was sharing my misery…I moved slightly to the right and they moved slightly to the left and we both looked at each other as if we were going to be the last to see each other as we passed…I will say even with my fear gage up, I still was able to marvel at the beauty of this wonderful place…it was stunning…for the first time it felt as if I were in the Arctic…this is what I have been looking for…this moment…hmmm I guess in retrospect, I  didn really think this moment through, eh?

Well as I get resigned to my fate of driving at 3 miles an hour through this soup..which means I  may never find this cute little village on the beautiful Fjord…Heck I have no idea how far it is…Ms Garmin was more confused than I …she kept screaming”recalculating recalculating” at me…I don know what she was calculating but I feared it was my time on earth…thank God she never got that figure…instead suddenly, I saw road…just a bit…and then a little more…and oh my goodness I could actually see the lines…then I pulled out my camera…because, of course, this HAD to be recorded…by now “Dancing in the Moonlight” was playing and yes, I was happily rocking to it! Once the clouds broke, I saw the Fjord way down the mountain and the village sitting on itś banks…I stopped and had my picture taken by these 2 lovely German girls who were headed into the dreaded mess…I warned them…they said they got it on the way over and thought they weren’t going to make it either…I wished them Godspeed…and I headed down into the sweet little town…walked around…got some fuel where I stood behind some very old Icelandic gentleman who seemed, at first, to be chastising the woman at the register…who had just made him 2 very interesting looking hot dogs…btw here they are made of lamb not pig…there are no pigs here…and in another blog I will talk about Icelandś importing resistence. Anyway after he got his hot dogs, the woman gave him a few lotto tickets…now he really was chatting her up…Patience is a virture here…you cannot be rushed…and you definitely can’t rush anyone…so I patiently waiting as she attended to this gentleman…who may very well have been a good friend of hers and they were just speculating about what he will do with his lotto winnings…regardless, all I could think about was that fog…and how it probably was getting worse and I needed to go back to my guest house…over the mountain…finally when I decided to leave, the man sat down…and then I was finally on my way…but not before taking a few more pictures…it was such a nice charming place…on the water with fabulous fishing boats and a huge cruise ship…all the houses had the proverbial lace in the windows( I still don know why…I asked my guest house woman and she really didn know)…back on the road..and back in the soup…but this time I was prepared…and to my amazement, instead of it being worse, it was actually better…even at 7:30 at night, the sun was working very hard to break through…so it disapated the clouds…and there were great pictures to be had…and more “Dancing in the Moonlight” to be palyed…that is my new celebration song for my trip.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and I was happy to get back and relax…when I got there, I noticed a small bus…turns out my guest house was hosting 17 British tourists…all lovely and fun to chat with…it made breakfast lively today…well I hope to have my computer back tomorrow and I will blog about West Iceland then…and hopefully have some pictures……All in all, the adventure over the pass may be my favorite moment…you know that old tempting fate and winning thing…but actually it was for the absolute beauty…photographs don’t do it justice…and then for it to open up into the beauty of the Fjord and charming town…perfection…just perfection.

6 thoughts on “Iceland East Fjords Part 2

  1. Norma says:

    wow, that rivals our drive through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. We’ve had a few doozies. Glad you made it! I wouldn’t want to do any of that myself!

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