Ah…my teeth feel great and now I’ve experienced another form of travel…Medical Vacations…All I can say is…when you head overseas for Medical Treatment you are treated as if you actually matter. This was a great experience…first time I didn’t fear the dentist. But all those I have met who had more serious procedures, all said the same…and all are planning on returning here or trying new places…

But let me now tell you about my short but fun adventure to Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast…First, I must say that flying in a twin prop plane was an adventure in itself…and if those who have been reading these insidious travelogues long enough will recall my Ecuadorian plane extravaganza…well this was a much shorter ride(only 25 minutes) but through a thunder and lightening storm…it makes riding “the Hulk” at Universal look like child’s play…I think the flash of lightening and the air pocket we hit right after was the most exhilarating…or maybe the real words I’m looking for are “friggin’ terrifying”…but that might be a bit dramatic…at the time, those of us sitting in this 19 seater plane strapped in by a silly lap belts felt as if we may make the 6PM News…but as I always tell those who fear flying, they should watch the flight attendant…oh yeah, there was no attendant…the co pilot came in and said, “the emergency exits are in the front, middle and rear of the aircraft”…then she crawled in next to the pilot who waved out the door to us…so watching the flight attendant was out of the question…buy since I could touch the pilot I decided to watch him…he’s lucky I didn’t grab him for dear life or better yet…throw up on him! But he showed no strain as he gripped his gaffer-taped steering column…so I settled in and watched the rain pepper the windows…but before I could over react, we landed…at Disney or Universal you pay 75.00 plus to go on rides that last only 3 minutes…I got a full 25 minutes for only 34.00! So all in all I think I won out…or so that’s the way I am choosing to view my nausea!
To make up for my airsickness, I discovered, yet again, that the Hotel Gods have blessed me. I paid for the most basic room and ended up in a great room with an Ocean & Jungle view…My room is nestled in the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific…

I spent Wednesday Zipping across the canopy of the Trees in the National Forest. Zip Lining is quite a treat…and I got to use my repelling skills I learned in Utah too…I now can cross another thing off my Bucket List! (-:

The weather has been sunny and quite warm and humid(so no need for my hastily bought sweater in San Jose)..the rain comes in the late afternoon…which worked out perfectly…it gave me time to catch a relaxing lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Pacific… As I walked the couple of miles to my hotel room, I picked up a little friend…or better yet, a four legged guide…As with many of the countries I have visited, dogs are everywhere…the dogs here seem scruffy and wild but all have collars…and this little one decided I needed a companion…she would get a bit ahead of me, or rather I would be meandering and she would stop and wait for me…when I finally got to my place, she just led me to my door…We parted with a smile and I spent the rainy late afternoon reading on my patio, overlooking the Pacific…and a bit of the jungle…While enjoying my solitude, I heard a bit of a commotion and low and behold as I looked up, there was a troop of monkeys playing on the trees right in front of me…There are more monkeys here than people…Day 2 was an early rise again(5am…which isn’t hard if you stay on EST…since Costa Rica is on US Mountain time)…I decided to go hiking through Manuel Antonio National Forest…It was a good thing I got an early start because before I knew it there were throngs of tourists invading my quiet little jaunt…there are tons of Germans…so many that I am now sure they are out of the recession because they are spending like fiends here…there are are lots of other Europeans, a few Asians and throw in the Brits and Aussies, along with the many Americans, you could have a UN Meeting down here…

Manuel Antonio is a great place for families to vacation…and there are tons of them here…it’s very touristy and for those who long to travel internationally but are a little fearful of the culture shock, Manuel Antonio is perfect…for those, like me who like to be a little bit more on your own and be surrounded by less people, Manuel Antonio is a nice getaway from San Jose for a couple of days…but 2 1/2 days is plenty…It’s beautiful but I have been told the north of Costa Rica is really spectacular…

Next time, I think I will also head across the border to Nicaragua which I’ve been told is amazing…and I would come back…hey, I am moving up a tad bit in age and I may need a little lift or tuck along the way…and I’d be back in a flash…doing it this way, you get to go to “Cosmetic Camp” and party as you heal…but at this point, it’s just dental work…

If anyone is interested in this and would like to stay at Las Cumbres, here is there website…and they can recommend great doctors and dentists:

I hope you all give Medical Tourism a shot…It is so well worth it.

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