Well I have arrived in San Jose Costa Rica for my Dental Vacation. First let me say that I completely packed all wrong. I brought shorts and summer clothes…and it’s actually cold here…..I  checked the weather before I left and it said 80’s…The day I arrived it was in the 60’s during the day and 50’s at night…and what is the one thing I forgot?…well that would be the must need and always remembered Sweater! I hope the coast is warmer. Although, it’s a nice respite from the heat…if I was prepared…darn my parents for not making me be a Girl Scout…then I’d always be prepared!

When I arrived, I was promptly greeted outside customs by Juan from the Las Cumbres Inn. He was great fun and we chatted in Spanglish all the way to the Inn…I told him I need to practice my Spanish and he said he wanted to practice his English…it amazes me how much I have forgotten…but it seemed to come back…even if a bit broken..although truth be told it was never very “whole” to begin with…

Upon arrival at the Inn, I was met by a lovely young woman who helped me with all my transportation needs for my dentist appointments and also to the little airport I’ll be going to on Tuesday when I fly to the Pacific Coast to play for a few days of zip lining, kayaking and snorkeling…or just reading if the weather stays this rainy…but relaxing nonetheless. They arrange and make all your doctors appointments and arrange for you to get there…They are excellent Medical Production Managers.

Lunch had just started when I arrived so I put my bag in my room, which is very light & airy and since it was raining, it gave the room  a cool breeze…which soon became too chilly for me…what a wimp I am! The room is completely set up for patients…or at least those who are having real surgery…I am just having minor dental work…but it is wheelchair accessible and the shower is set up, it seems, for people who are in pain! Let’s hope that does not become the case for me (-:

There was a gaggle of other Americans who are here for all sorts of things from Face Lifts to Tummy Tucks and Lippo….There are also people here doing real stuff like Colonoscopies(250.00) and other minor and major surgeries…There is one guy who’s a police officer from Tennessee getting his entire mouth done…all his teeth are out…they do implants here differently than in the States so they are not as invasive to the system and the implants are 3 times stronger…there are several women here getting everything from butt lifts, boob lifts, chin and eye lifts and tummy tucks, laser peels, thermage etc…I met a teacher from Michigan and he goes into surgery today for a chin lift. He says they made him go to the Cardiologist and be completely checked out before doing anything…There’s a couple here from Coral Gables…He’s a software engineer and she’s a Judge…Yes, there is great political talk here too(interesting healthcare discussions)…All of them say the followup care here is what is really amazing…There is a doctor and nurse on staff at the hotel 24/7…and some of the surgeons come to the hotel afterwards to check up…It seems Lippo requires lots of massages…I may do it just for the massages!  (-:  (really…just kidding…maybe). But most importantly, at least to me because I am here for such a minor thing, is that everyone here is a riot…It’s like camp for cosmetic surgery…A few people went out and bought beer and snacks for a party tonight…in celebration of surgery completion or sending someone off for their procedure…as soon as I got here, everyone asked what I was doing and proceeded to engage me on all their medical adventures…they all have such great senses of humor about it…it really is like camp!  The Inn arranges tours together of the out lying areas like coffee plantations, the volcanoes and waterfalls…but what’s great about the Inn is if you’re going to have anything done, what fun it is to have round the clock care in a retreat that has movies and games and entertainment while recovering and be surrounded by others who can share the misery…I mean fun! (-:

I must say there are 2 women who had chin & eye lifts 3 days ago and I can’t see any scaring or bruising…
…I feel like a reporter…I have been interviewing everyone on their procedures and collecting names for those who have asked…and you know who you are…but those who want a Tummy Tuck(and several have asked me),  it has a 14 days of recovery here…so plan at least 2 1/2 weeks here…They have a more advance lippo here less invasive…this one woman who just had it done said that the US has just gotten this procedure…they’ve been doing it here for years.

The food at the Retreat(all 3 meals and high tea are included…single room is 75/night) is really tasty…I’d come back here even if I didn’t have a procedure…Everyone eats family style in the dining room…so it’s quite fun…

My appointment went very well…but I am having a blast on my first foray

into Medical Tourism…hip replacement here I come!!!! (-:

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