Well Vienna is fabulous…incredible..I was in my own personal heaven wandering through their wonderful art museums…We used the personal audio tour and off we went into a world of art dating from the Egyptian period…the Flemish, Danish, Italians etc…A good art museum, for me, is equal to a great meal…

Vienna is a wonderful pedestrian city. It is very large…probably bigger than Budapest but it doesn’t feel it…there is not the same Frenetic pace of Budapest…This is a city that calls for you to linger…and that I did…I decided for my last port of call, to relax and download all that I’d seen…We spent the evenings enjoying the square by St. Stephen’s Cathedral…the street performers…etc…We sat and ate at cafes and watched the world go by…No, we did not enjoy a concert…but to be honest…we both were put off by the hordes of ticket hawkers dressed in period costume trying desperately to get us to shell out a small fortune to listen to a symphony…I love the Symphony but there was no specific one we were interested in hearing…I could just as well enjoy the same music in Orlando and be able to still maintain my retirement income! This city is very expensive…it’s a bit of a shock coming from Poland and Slovakia where you could stay and eat and play for under 30.00 a day!..That same 30.00 barely buys 1 meal here!

Last night we had the honor of going to my Nepali guide’s home for a traditional Nepali meal. Mahesh and his wonderful wife, Chandra are here studying for 2 years…It was great seeing him again and meeting Chandra. We reminisced about my Himalayan Trek 2 years ago…we laughed about my physical challenges and the wonderful experience in the hospital there…I was saddened to hear how bad things have gotten there and how dangerous it has become…Mahesh was also filling us in a bit about how things had changed here since Austria has become fully adapted to the Euro…he said that is when all the prices went souring…I fear that for Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia…unfortunately,  it does not mean better wages…just higher costs…so if any of you are interested in some great travels in the near future, consider one of those countries before the Euro takes full effect in the next couple of years…you will not be disappointed…

Austria is so beautiful and I am looking forward to my last day today…I am heading off to the Vienna woods to hike in the hills…Tucker is going to do what he most loves…take the train…we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for him to do it…other than finding my way out of the city, I SHOULD be able to find my way to Salzburg!…But as we all know, navigation skills do not process in my brain..well If you don’t hear from me in the near future, you know I am wandering somewhere in the Alps!!!

I hope these travelogues have inspired some of you, to pack your bags and head out on your own adventure…By the way, I am actually looking forward to ONLY paying 2.00 per gallon!

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